Sip what now? Dram & Grain's 'Papaya Salad From A Bangkok Night Market'

Sip what now? Dram & Grain's 'Papaya Salad From A Bangkok Night Market'

Savory ingredients have always been fair game in cocktails, but they require a bold and knowledgeable bartender to make them work—not to mention some adventurous patrons.

At the subterranean lounge Dram & Grain (2007 18th St. NW), bartender Morgan Kirchner has created a unique drink that takes guests on a journey through the flavors and aromas of Thai cuisine. They call it the Papaya Salad From A Bangkok Night Market. Kirchner says the cocktail was inspired not by any wild travel stories, but rather her experiences at culinary school, where Thai curry became one of her favorite things to cook.

It’s one thing to experiment with curry in the kitchen; developing a drink around those same fragrances and spices was something a little more unorthodox.

“It was way outside of what I normally do, but it was so much fun to put together,” Kirchner says.

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(Photo by Travis Mitchell)

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