11 Succulent Mussel Dishes To Try Now

11 Succulent Mussel Dishes To Try Now

Mussels can easily be an afterthought next to more fanciful seafood options like oysters and crabs. But the plump, briny bivalves can make for just as tasty a meal — often at an affordable price.

The most traditional way to enjoy mussels is steamed in a broth of white wine, shallots, butter and herbs — a French preparation called “moules marinières.” Enjoy the dish with a stack of crispy Belgian-style “frites” or grilled bread for dipping. It’s a favorite at D.C. pubs such as Granville Moore’sor St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar.

From there, mussels can be adapted into many cuisines. Try them cold and smoked at Neopol Savory Smokery in Union Market, or spiced up with chorizo and chipotle at El Sol Restaurante. Curry is another popular accent for mussels, found at spots such as Georgetown’s beer-friendly Sovereign.

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